European Brewery Convention - EBC
Workers: Hans Küüts  Ülle Tamm      

The EBC (European Brewery Convention) Barley and Malt Committee was founded in 1948 to conduct barley trials to evaluate the merits of different varieties for brewing purposes and to develop new analytical methods to assist breeders in deciding at an early stage the brewing quality of new lines. At the moment 18 countries are members of the Committee and there is one coopted member (EST). The Committee held its 100th meeting in Finland this year. The major objective of the Committee at present is "To support an adequate supply of malting barley in Europe, considering the changing conditions for production, technology, consumers’ behaviour and quality assurance".

The major objective of the EBC Barley Trials is to supply reliable reference data for the performance of novel barley varieties grown in different conditions (van den Berg 1999). Due to the geat variation in the weather conditions Barley Trials are executed in four separate regions: North (FIN, S, DK, EST), West (UK, IRL, F, NL, B), Central (H, D, SK, A, SLO, CZ) and South (P, E, I, BG).