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Estonian National Programme 
“Collection and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture”

The National PGR programme has been formally approved and finances allocated by the Government of Estonia in 2002. Programme is coordinated by the Council of PGRFA organized by the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. Ministry of Environment coordinates preparation of the law of genetic resources preservation. 

  Objectives of the programme:
· Sustainable conservation and utilization of PGR of Estonian origin to ensure implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity 
· Development of the national PGR network 
· Exploration and utilization of collections

 Responsibility sharing:
Genebank of the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute
Status of the national genebank on ex situ preservation has been given to the genebank by the Minister of Agriculture in 2002. 
· Long-term ex-situ preservation of cereals, grasses, legumes and vegetables 
· 1920 ex situ accessions of 51 species, 96 varieties of Estonian origin 
· 160 accessions of potato in field collection 
· 3500 accessions in breeders’ field collections 
· Collecting missions to the natural habitats of the forage legumes and grasses 
· Preservation of safety duplicates of the most valuable genotypes of Estonian origin at the Nordic Gene Bank 
Contact: Vahur Kukk (National Coordinator of ECPGR) 
Külli Annamaa 

 Plant Biotechnological Research Centre EVIKA
·In vitro
preservation of agricultural and horticultural crops 
· 1300 accessions of 34 species 
· 800 meristemclones of 420 potato varieties, breeding material and landraces 
· Diseases eradication and multiplication 
Contact: Katrin Kotkas

Polli Horticultural Research Institute
· Breeding and research centre of fruit crops 
· Preservation of fruit trees and berry plants 
· 1030 accessions of 14 species 
· 93 varieties of Estonian origin 
Contact: Ave Kikas 

Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu
· Preservation of medicinal and aromatic plant species 
· Preservation of decorative species and varieties 
· Coordination of activities of private collectors 
Contact: Jüri Sild 

 Institute of Gene Technology 
· Preservation of wild relatives of wheat and disease resistant hybrid wheat lines 
· Monosomic aneuploid analysis and molecular-genetics techniques in 
characterization of preserved disease resistant wheat genotypes 
Contact: Kadri Järve

Documentation system
Accessions of Estonian origin are evaluated and characterized. Basic structure of documentation system for the national inventory has been created. Further development of the electronic database will be continued in the frames of the EPGRIS project. The database will be regularly updated and on-line searchable.

International activities of Estonian PGR holders: 
· Full member of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources
· Participation in the project “European Plant Genetic Resources Information System” (EPGRIS)
· Participation in Nordic Council of Ministers supported joint Nordic-Baltic project
· Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation for PGR conservation with the N. I. Vavilov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry.