» Potato Late Blight
» Beginning of infection
» Need for chemical control
» Treatment intervals
» Fungicides
» Variety resistance

Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute is an autonomous state research and development institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia.



The main areas of activities of the Institute are variety breeding of agricultural crops (winter rye, winter and spring wheat, barley, oats, field pea, potatoes, vegetables, forage grasses and legumes), applied research on agro technical aspects and seed production of agricultural crops and basic research in genetics and heritability of valuable traits, selection and description of genetic resources. Maintenance of plant genetic resources in the genebank started in last decade. Commercial activities of the Institute include maintenance breeding, production of breeder’s seed, production and marketing of certified seed and representation of varieties of foreign breeding companies, collection of royalties according to UPOV legislation.